Modern machinery with large-scale capacity

Rotage boasts modern machinery with a high level of automation and large capacity, allowing us to offer customers a wide range of services.

The services we provide include:
• laser cutting;
• punching;
• bending;
• welding;
• assembly.

Our machinery is being continually developed, providing our customers with an optimal, cost-effective production solution. We have one of the most advanced facilities in northern Europe, featuring fully automated manufacturing and warehouse systems supplied by Trumpf and Stopa. Our production facilities also feature robotic press braking and welding machines.

We provide complete manufacturing of a range of different products, including after treatment options such as surface treatment and assembly.

Our comprehensive know-how and extensive experience in the sector, along with our complete machinery provision, ensure that we are competitive in the part and component manufacturing sector.

Through collaboration with our customers, we aim to find personalised solutions designed to best suit different kinds of parts, ensuring that the entire chain works as efficiently as possible.